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The JTartaglia Community

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Hello, and welcome to our humble community, devoted to none other then the one, the only, John Tartaglia. We've worked hard to develop the first ever John Tartaglia Community, and now it's here! Finally, a place to chat about John and his work, get some cool John Icons, and even share some Stage Door Stories! What could be better?

For those of you who don't know, John Tartaglia is a promising young actor, who recently made his Broadway debut in the Critically acclaimed, award winning musical, Avenue Q. John was even nominated for Best Actor in a Musical! Why not love him?

To learn more about John Tartaglia, try his website at :


To learn more about Avenue Q, no better place then :


Your Fabulous John Tartaglia Loving Mods are: LauriePoo and awriterswindow

Much thanks to breathxme for the WONDERFUL John Icon!